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Meet the Sisters of Bella

“Family and business do not mix…”  So they tell us.


The Sisters of Bella reject that notion. They defy it. Together they stand, united by a common goal – debunking the myth. They are proud of House of Bella Hair, a collaboration of effort highlighting each sibling’s unique gifts, talents, and abilities. They are gratified by what was created while sitting around their baby sister’s table. More than a brand, HOBH celebrates their unbreakable bond and loyal commitment to one another, a connection strengthened by the business they’ve built.


BELLA – Beautiful. Entrepreneurs. Loving. Life. Achieving.


Their Moniker since childhood, it keeps them aligned to their mission and purpose in life. The goal – leave this world more beautiful than you found it. And they achieve this by valuing the beauty in relationships and collaborations. By walking together in the understanding that having an entrepreneurial spirit is all about taking calculated risk. Through accepting that freedom will not be handed to you, but that you must take what you want from this life. Operating in a belief that love conquers all, and recognizing that life is not worth living if you’re not doing what you love. Appreciating that achievement is about the growth, not the accomplishment.    


The Sisters of Bella are excited that you have decided to go on this journey with them, share in the uprising of a brand that it so much more than a label…but rather a movement.

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